Brian Tamanaha Realistic Socio Legal Theory

Realistic socio-legal theory draws on philosophical pragmatism, social science philosophy and several decades of empirical studies in the fields of legal anthropology, sociology of law and political science to revisit the fundamental questions of legal theory. It articulates an epistemological and methodological basis for research in the social sciences of law and deals, inter alia, with the distinction between facts and values, the relationship between behaviorism and interpretationism, the concept of law, the constitution and diversity of legal practices, the nature of a legal system, the problem of indeterminacy and the structure of judicial decision-making. The book attempts to achieve three different goals: to better inform legal theory about the results of social law studies, to better inform social law studies about the concerns of legal theory, and, finally, to align the two areas more realistically. Based on philosophical pragmatism, Tamanaha formulates a framework for a realistic approach to social law theory. The strengths of this approach contrast with those of the great schools of social law theory in its application to fundamental questions in this field. Thus, Tamanaha examines the problematic state of social law studies, the relationship between behavior and meaning, the concept of legal ideology, the problem of vagueness in the prosecution and application of rules, and the structure of judicial decision-making. These questions are addressed in a clear and concise manner, articulating a social theory of law that draws on both legal theory and social law theory. “This book provides a useful and sometimes provocative overview of recent developments in legal theory. Since it covers a considerable territory, it should be a good addition to your own professional library. There is much to praise in this book. It is well written, intelligently argued and generally well informed. It deals bluntly with controversial subjects.

an excellent review of the legal theoretical literature. This should provide a useful push into familiar debates conducted from a perspective that does not owe loyalty to either party. Law and Politics Book Review “by all criteria and excellent book. Tamanaha has created an article that should appear as a basic text in case law courses» Oxford Journal of Legal Studies “This is the most important work for anyone in law, social law or legal theory” Neil MacCormick “a rich overview of almost all the issues that legal theory has been bored with in the last twenty-five years” The opinions of Stanley Fish`s clients, Including product star ratings help customers, learn more about the product and decide if it`s the right product for them. Brian Z. Tamanaha, Associate Professor, St. John`s University School of Law, New York. Zachary Douglas, Joost Pauwelyn, Jorge E. Viñuales.

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Ses livres ont reçu plusieurs prix, dont le Herbert Jacob Book Prize et le Dennis Leslie Mahoney Legal Theory Prize. His work has been translated into eleven languages. Obtaining a certificate of special recognition from the Law Society.