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“Nicolas Bouchardie is a great construction specialist. He knows the industry very well, he is always aware of all the news in the construction sector. He is creative in the way he offers alternative solutions and manages cases. Elizabeth Oger-Gross is the most efficient and effective partner I work with. He keeps billing under control, provides drafts in advance, and always has an overview. “We call on Denise Cerasani for almost all of our tasks that require legal advice. She has more experience than anyone else on Wall Street. She is incredibly smart, hardworking and thoughtful. “Rory Hishon stands out as a partner who is not afraid to go into detail when necessary while maintaining a good strategic overview. He always thinks of a case from all angles to get the best result. Raif Hassan is the kind of partner who can handle most aspects of a heavy business case with minimal direct partner oversight: he is prudent, confident, and highly intelligent. “White & Case`s legal team is exceptional in clearly communicating legalese and events to clients from diverse backgrounds. In the practice of international trade, clients come from many parts of the world and their ability to translate not only the language but also the meaning is valuable.

White & Case is an international law firm serving corporations, governments and financial institutions. Our long history as a global firm means we are uniquely positioned to help our clients solve their most complex legal challenges, wherever they may be. “Abby Cohen Smutny provided compelling legal representation and advice. She has excellent strategic thinking and sound and reliable judgment. She impresses with her in-depth knowledge of international law and international investment law. “Joanna Dimmock devotes laser-like concentration and relentless energy to fighting each case. “They are not afraid to consider both the negative and the positive when investigating a crucial case to prepare for any eventuality. » Regions Find out where we work with our clients around the world www.whitecase.com/law#regions “Nathaniel Crowley and Ingrid York are brilliant lawyers with deep expertise in the legal world of capital markets and structured products. There was nothing I asked that they could not give me full legal advice. “Jonathan Michels is a great partner. He has amazing connectivity and insight not only in legal matters, but also in industrial matters.

He is always available, but above all, he brings a business sense that allows him to be a true partner. “White & Case has extensive expertise and experience in all types of arbitration before the most prestigious international arbitration institutions and in ad hoc arbitration. “They dive deep into all aspects of the case and explore every possible path. “Arlene Hahn has been involved in the OEM Framework Agreement (MOEMA) almost from the beginning. She led meetings, took notes, translated our gossip into an understandable legal framework, recorded actions, and kept us focused. For several months and more than 80 contract reviews, she ensured that we stayed on track and got closer to the end goal. I assure you that this was not just a case of excellent “project management”. Although the complex project was expertly managed with many stakeholders, Arlene was also able to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders and ensure full satisfaction of those involved, which is rare with so many lawyers and salespeople. In addition, Arlene is the very rare lawyer who combines a deep understanding of clients` strategic objectives with the tactical ability to reflect this intuitively and comprehensively in the final agreement. I would not hesitate to recommend Arlene and her White & Case team to any company looking to outsource legal support for a technology transaction. “The team was very professional.

Their strength lies in how they make complex legal issues so simple. Your communication is extremely effective. Their support for the sovereign is professional and thorough. “The White and Case team is constantly looking for information, facts and ideas that could help our clients. They leave absolutely nothing to chance and spare no expense to identify every piece of useful evidence. They work very hard individually and also work well together by bringing together their complex cases and arguments in one unit. Case Studies Find out how we deliver results for our clients www.whitecase.com/law#practices Briefing A cultural shift – have the effects of the financial crisis changed corporate culture in the financial services industry or is there still much to be done? (www.legalbusiness.co.uk/analysis/disputes-yearbook-2020/sponsored-briefing-a-cultural-shift-has-the-fallout-from-the-financial-crisis-changed-corporate-culture-in-financial-services-or-is-there-still-work-to-be-done/) Zeena Saleh, Partner, and Chris Brennan, Partner, at White & Case on Corporate Culture “Rob Morrison is an exceptional partner at W&C.