Why Does My Excel Not Have Legal Size Paper

Our guide below will show you how to print on legal paper in Excel if you need to use it instead of the current selection. However, if you need to keep all these columns on one page, it may be better to simply use larger paper, such as legal paper. Fortunately, this is a setting that you can adjust quite easily in Excel. So, read below to learn how to change the paper size for a worksheet in Excel 2010. You can also select the More Paper Sizes option at the bottom of the drop-down menu if you want to enter your own custom paper size for your Excel spreadsheet. Most users typically print on standard letter-size paper (8.5″ x 11″), but Excel can print on many other paper sizes. If you want to print a worksheet on non-Letter size paper, you must select a different paper size in Excel. You can adjust the scale of the printed worksheet to stretch or shrink the printed data based on the specified number of pages. From this position, you can customize some of the other printing and layout options, including margin size and sheet orientation. Another useful customization when printing Excel spreadsheets is to print the top row of each page. This customization can make it much easier to determine what particular data exists on additional pages of a printed document.

Fortunately, you can use a simple trick that allows you to apply the same change to all worksheets in a workbook. Right-click one of the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the window, and then select Select All Sheets. You can then click the Size button on the Layout tab and select Legal Paper Size. Now all your worksheets are printed on legal paper. Our guide continues below with additional information on switching to legal paper in Excel, including images of these steps. If you have a data range that is too wide or too large for a page, scale it to make sure it fits properly. Fortunately, Excel offers many tools to change the print settings of your document, and one of the settings you can choose is the paper size you are going to use. With the steps above, you can specify that the current spreadsheet will be printed on paper in legal format, but what if you want to indicate that the current workbook will be printed on paper in legal format? Note that individual printers may require additional modifications to print on legal-sized paper. This can often mean using the printer`s manual feeder option or a different paper tray on larger printers. If you follow these steps, the paper size setting in Excel will be changed, but the paper size setting of your printer cannot be changed. If your printer does not print on legal paper, refer to your printer model documentation for instructions on how to print on a paper size other than the letter. If you don`t see the paper size you want, select Other Paper Sizes.

We`ve written about ways to adjust print settings in Excel 2010 to print all your columns on a single sheet, which may be the best solution if your spreadsheet is barely too big to fit on a letter-sized sheet of paper. However, if you have a lot of columns or a lot of data, it can result in small, hard-to-read text. Print settings are often an afterthought when working with data in Excel, but it can quickly become a headache when you print your spreadsheet and find that nothing is going right. You may not have lines between cells, data may be truncated and redirected to its own page, and you may even use the wrong paper size. By default, Excel uses the Letter or A4 paper size, which may not be ideal for the type of information you want to print. You can also change the page orientation. To do this, click the Orientation button and select the Portrait or Landscape option. The Scaling section has two options from which you can choose to adjust the scale of the worksheet for printing: If you find that you make changes to your Excel files when you open them, you need to change some of the default settings.

You can find them by going to File > Options and clicking on the different tabs in the Excel Options menu. For example, you can change the default file type, change the default font, and use a different default view. Printing in Excel has always been a bit difficult because there are many factors that affect how your spreadsheet looks when it`s sent to a printer. Monochrome laser printers are a good choice for homes or businesses with many printing needs. Discover a good one here. The steps in this article were performed in Microsoft Excel for Office 365, but also work in most other versions of Excel. Note that in some earlier versions of Excel, the tab at the top of the window displays “Page Setup” instead of “Page Setup.” Learn how to center horizontally when printing in Excel when you want your data to appear in the middle of the page instead of aligning it to the left. Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime to see if two-day free shipping and video streaming will benefit you.