Wieso Ist Gras in Holland Legal

“Cannabis is prohibited because it is illegal” -Daniela Ludwig, Federal Drug Commissioner (Personally, I think someone who wants to smoke weed will find it too, whether it`s legal or illegal) I think you don`t legalize it, because people think “smoking weed is bad” and that`s it. Drug policy is being swept under the carpet. Or when were drugs discussed seriously and with great sympathy in the Bundestag? An important topic. But it is ignored. A proposal to legalize drugs is considered “crazy” and “irresponsible” by some, mostly conservatives, who do not even properly inform themselves about the many benefits of decriminalization. In the Netherlands, in 2016, out of a population of 17 million, about 250 people died from an illicit drug overdose, or about 15 people per 1 million people. [1] For comparison: In Germany, there were 1333 drug-related deaths in the same year, of which about 80 million. 17 people per 1 million inhabitants. If you manage to visit Amsterdam or any other Dutch city, you should love the quality of the best cannabis on the menus. But it`s a common misconception to think that cannabis is completely legal. In reality, cannabis consumption is tolerated, as well as cannabis sales in coffee under 5g.

But cannabis itself remains illegal. All cannabis purchased in coffeeshops comes from black market sources. Many people hope that the Netherlands will lead the way with a future licensed cannabis production system. But for now, despite decades of official tolerance, there is still no universal right to grow or consume cannabis. Many pro-cannabis groups want to change that in the coming years. Although the operation of a cafĂ© is legal in the Netherlands, these operators are prohibited from buying or producing cannabis for trade. This has led to an increase in organised crime, partly because illegal cannabis production in the Netherlands is largely ignored. [1] [2] [3] Since Dutch law does not require prosecution and police to investigate every crime, prosecutions for drug-related crimes in the Netherlands have long been ignored. [2] “Legalize it” – our northwestern neighbours are 45 years ahead.

Since the mid-1970s, Dutch coffeeshops have been allowed to sell cannabis for personal use. Only the purchase was never regulated, and this was a big mistake, explains criminologist Robin Hofmann of Maastricht University: “In cafes you could buy cannabis legally, but they never had the opportunity to buy it legally. And drug gangs filled that gap at the time and built a vast network. The government wanted to turn all cafes into closed clubs in order to curb drug tourism. Only members registered in the Netherlands should now be allowed to smoke weed legally. After protests, the “Wiet-Pas” introduced in provinces near the border was abolished. Since then, cities and municipalities have decided for themselves whether coffee shops are allowed to sell cannabis to foreigners. Dutch drug policy aims to prevent drug users from having to enter the black market to obtain cannabis.

Dutch drug policy therefore provides for small quantities of the drug to be authorised for private consumption. To this end, there are several hundred cafes in the Netherlands that are allowed to sell up to five grams of cannabis per person. The use of all other drugs, including legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco, is prohibited in cafes. The purchase of marijuana and hashish is permitted after the age of 18. On 1 May 2012, three southern provinces (Limburg, North Brabant and Zeeland) introduced the “Wietpas” (grass card) as a pilot project with a view to its introduction throughout the Netherlands at the end of the year. This failed due to protests and was limited after a short time to these three provinces, where each city can also decide independently against the Wiitpas. since you can buy things in Holland that are not legal in Germany, the UK is quickly becoming the most backward nation on the planet when it comes to many things, I pray that Holland does not become the same. Given that other countries have only recently legalized medical cannabis, pressure is high for Bedrocan.