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Elizabeth Donnelly was Assistant District Attorney for the SVU office from seasons 3 to 6. In the prosecution, she acts as a supervisor for ADA Cabot and his successor Casey Novak. Donnelly is elevated to the rank of judge in season 7. In the season 10 episode “Persona”, Donnelly takes a leave of absence from her role as a judge and resumes her previous role as an ADA executive to pursue an unsolved case she was involved in in 1974 when an abused woman (Brenda Blethyn) murdered her husband. She admits to Benson that she was somehow responsible for the woman`s escape and so took over the case for “unfinished business.” Their role in the escape leads to mishaps in the justice system that have been called “donnelly” for many years. This episode draws attention to the difficulties Donnelly faces as a woman working in the justice system. But the revelation that the fugitive was pregnant at the time of her crime leads Donnelly to what is an act of clemency for her. She leaves office and resumes the role of judge. ADA Novak returned as a recurring character with ADA Cabot in season 13. She was last seen as a lead prosecutor in “Valentine`s Day,” in which she competes with defense attorney Marvin Exley (Ron Rifkin), who defends a woman who appears to have fabricated her own kidnapping. Dick Wolf`s Law & Order franchise has spawned many spin-offs, but Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a fan favorite. This is largely due to the show`s talented cast.

In the next episode, “Ace,” Marlowe and Captain Cragen clash over how to handle a case where a child trafficking ring is discovered and a young woman and her baby are in danger. Marlowe orders Benson and Stabler to catch the ringleader red-handed, while Cragen wants the ESU to take over in his warehouse. Cragen remarked to Marlowe, “You`re the boss of the court council, not here.” Marlowe leaves the compound only to follow Cragen outside, where he reminds her “why she really retired in 1995”: When she was a lieutenant, she sent two undercover investigators who later died trying to stop a killer while driving. Marlowe replied that it was a “decision of order.” Cragen`s detectives arrest the ringleader, while Cragen saves the young woman in the warehouse. Marlowe is able to convict the chief using the testimony of his birthing doctor, which he gave in the judge`s chamber for protection. FBI agent Dana Lewis, who was first featured in the Season 7 episode “Raw” while working undercover to bring down a white supremacist group under the name “Star Morrison.” Lewis (undercover as a star) beats Munch and calls him “Kike” as part of his cover-up, leading to his arrest for assaulting a police officer. She is forced to break her cover and reveal herself as a federal agent at the trial of the group`s leader when she shoots and kills the leader`s son before he can kill Stabler. She tries to apologize for her actions after the case is over, but Munch has no grudges. Agent Lewis specializes in undercover work and often works for weeks or even months under identity identities. While working undercover, she uses the name Star Morrison and speaks with a southern accent (although the actress herself is not from the south). In the season 8 premiere “Informed”, she reappears in New York when Detective Benson pursues his eco-terrorist informant to tell him about his rape.

Lewis and Benson must find the informant after his disappearance and prevent him from committing a terrorist attack. Lewis mentions to Benson that she calls her informant “Peggy Sue” because she reminds Lewis of his little sister Margaret. In their final appearance, Lewis tells Benson and Stable that their family (husband and children) currently live in Europe to protect them from criminals who are trying to take revenge on her. One of these criminals, the leader of the aforementioned racist group, ordered a fellow inmate to attack and rape her in the season 12 episode “Penetration.” Elliot Stabler was injured every time she worked with them, by gunshots in season 7, by explosives in season 8 and by gunshots in season 12, which was the only injury she was directly responsible for. Stabler half-jokingly refers to her as “Jinx” and says, “[he] almost was killed” whenever Lewis shows up; She counters his remarks that she could be his “lucky charm” as he survived every injury during their three episodes together. Dr. Warner is a New York coroner who is one of SVU`s greatest allies. Although she was originally a recurring character, she became a permanent cast member in season 7 and stayed until season 12; She returned to a recurring character in season 13. In the Season 7 episode “Blast,” she becomes directly involved in efforts to save an eight-year-old kidnapping victim who has just been diagnosed with leukemia. Warner is held hostage with Detective Stabler in a bank where the hostage-taker`s father is the manager. When the taker asks Detective Stabler to leave the office, he gives Warner his second pistol, which she later uses to shoot the taker to prevent him from committing suicide by the policeman.

In the season 9 episode “Harm”, she uses her medical skills to diagnose past torture in a victim and takes the initiative to lay charges to prosecute the doctor in charge.